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As we all know about the CMS WordPress and its features. Here I want to discuss about the new wordpress feature which is named by Post By Email. With the help of feature Post By Email, anyone can be able to publishing posts on your blog by email. It is the easy and quickest way to publish your post and it may be a cell phone through which you can post.

To do so we have some steps that has to follow

Firstly you have to generate a special and secret email address that helps to do the post. For this steps are visualize below



















By pressing enable button there, a special type of email address is generated, a sample is given below.




4. Next step is very simple which include simple sending mail to the address generated above. The subject of email is treated as title of the post and the body is treated as the content. After doing that you also received an confirmation email for the wordpress side with details.






Images in the Posts

  • Single images will be displayed inline (a single image is defined as an image without an image immediately following it).
  • Multiple images will be displayed as a gallery.

Specifying the Category

The category shortcode will match the start of category titles, as well as category IDs.

For example:  [category reviews, updates]. Note that categories must already exist on your blog and spaces between the commas are not important.

Specifying Tags

Any number of tags can be added to your post, each separated by a comma:

For examples: [tags mobile updates, reviews] will add two tags in your post…

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