New Release from Microsoft as Windows 8

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Microsoft is almost ready to create a boom in the market of technology again with its new product a new version of Windows i.e. Windows 8 with the latest features packed in one.

In December 2011, Microsoft held an event inSan Franciscoto demonstrate Windows Store, through which all Metro style Windows 8 apps will be sold. At the end of the event, Microsoft announced that the public beta will be released sometime in February 2012, along with the Windows Store Beta.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ballmer said that Windows 8 which is the next-generation desktop operating system from Microsoft Corporation, certainly will have touch optimizations in future for a better tablet functionality.


System Requirements

The system configuration or system requirement is the need of suitability of Windows OS and the system units must match or equal to the given system requirements of OS. Here are some assumption for the same:


  • Motherboard – Asus P5GC-MX Intel 945 chipset
  • Processor – Intel Dual Core
  • RAM – 2 GB @ 1333 Mhz
  • Hard drive – 250 GB
  • Optical Drive – 20x DVD Writer


Special Features Of Windows 8

  • Support for both x86 PCs and ARM tablets
  • Touch-centric, Tiles-based User Interface (UI)
  • Snap Multi-tasking
  • Better Windows 8 Control Panel
  • Web Navigation by Touch
  • Two Touch Keyboards
  • ‘Enhanced Copy Experience’
  • Native USB 3.0 Support
  • Better Support for Multiple Monitors
  • New Feature Charms
  • Support 512Gb RAM
  • Better Security measures
  • 128 Bit Operating System

Well these are some points which are pointed and assume about the Microsoft Windows 8. And we have to wait to experience the reality which is going to introduce next year as the Beta Version of Microsoft Windows 8.

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