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AVG Secure Search – Secure Surfing and Searching of the Web

The web world is the den for malicious infections and malware attacks that you experience with your system in everyday life. In the recent times, majority of the malware instances are due to web browsers and applications you use with the help of the internet. There are some malicious websites designed in a manner that […]

Google changes Search Design

Small or big, Google always made changes that are unique and important for the users as well. Google now rolled out small change in the design of its Search Product on the interface. Recently we are getting to know and encounter this change which looks cool and very informative. In the past, when you try […]

Improve the speed of Google Search Results Page

Google is the best option to search anything we all know. But sometime it is very frustrating when we have to search on multiple pages and click on NEXT link to open the next page for a particular topic. Now you can get rid of it and just scroll down to see the links of […]

Block Unwanted Sites from Google Search Results

Unwanted sites create frustration while anyone make Google Search for any particular keyword. Sometimes Google gave priority to the sites which contains a part of keywords that are used to make search. Everyone needs to get away these kinds of websites and want to block them those sites which improve the outcomes of the searches […]

Develop a Durable SEO Strategy

If company uses SEO to enhance its internet existence, then do not assume to be alone. Now these days online companies are using SEO alternatives to generate traffic to their website and improve visibility among potential customers. Due to the fact Google can make algorithm improvements on a very regular basis, it’s important to assuage […]